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Facing The
In The Room?
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This advance care planning workbook has been designed to help you face the elephant in the room.Begin the Conversation created an advance care planning workbook to help you think about what you want if you are sick or injured and cannot speak for yourself.

In our busy world, we rarely have quiet moments to reflect on our hearts desires. When we do, we don’t want to think about death, especially our own. We often ignore the possibility of death until a crisis occurs and we see those we love most experience pain, sickness, injury or trauma. This is why this advance care planning workbook is so important. It is an opportunity for you to discover how you want your final months, final days and final hours lived. It can become a great swan song, if you embrace it.

Don’t wait. Begin advance care planning today. We are here to help. Email us at info@begintheconversation.org to find out more about our advance care planning workbook.

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