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    It’s time to Begin the Conversation about your end of life and healthcare wishes. BEGIN to EDUCATE, PREPARE, COMMUNICATE, DOCUMENT, ACT, EMPOWER. We can help you Begin the Conversation about your choices today!


  • Advance care planning documents are part of the conversation about your end of life wishes.
  • The Documents

    End of life and healthcare planning require filling out appropriate advance care documents, but conversation about these documents is key. Those chosen to carry out your wishes must know what you want. Documenting your healthcare wishes and telling others is a gift.


  • Conversation is an important part of advance care planning.

    Conversation is an essential part of healthcare and end of life care plans. We provide conversation tips and tools to help you create your advance care directives. It’s important to Begin the Conversation about your end of life care wishes before a crisis occurs and you can’t speak for yourself.


Encourage everyone you know to Begin the Conversation about advance care planning today!
Make sure your loved ones know your end of life care wishes.

Begin the Conversation is an educational initiative developed by Lower Cape Fear LifeCare to help people talk about and document their advance care wishes.

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  • I was able to relate to the real stories and the presentation also helped me see this as a way to help others. I appreciated the different perspectives on the issues, and this was a great opportunity to learn about preparing for my next phase of life. - Community Member
  • What a great service to the community. This workshop has provided me with a new perspective and appreciation on hospice care and its purpose. My family and I will definitely Begin the Conversation." - Community Member
  • I really appreciate these conferences. The new information from both the doctor's and patient's perspectives and connecting with others who are going through this process has been so helpful for me. It really creates a nice circle to help all of us grow, give, and do better! - Family Member